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Pyrolysis Plant

  •  Batch Type Pyrolysis Plant

    Batch Type Pyrolysis Plant

    1. Fully open the door: convenient and fast loading, fast cooling, convenient and fast wire out. 2. Thorough cooling of the condenser, high oil output rate, good oil quality, long service life and easy cleaning. 3. Original water mode desulfurization and dust removal: It can effectively remove acid gas and dust, and meet the relevant national standards. 4. Deslagging removal at the center of the furnace door: airtight, automatic deslgging, clean and dust-free, saving time. 5. Safety: automat...

  • Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

    Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

    Will be shattered fragments of the tire after a belt conveyor, belt scale, screw conveyor, etc to the negative pressure in the continuous pyrolysis system through pyrolysis, in system after the gas phase reaction temperature 450-550 ℃ under the condition of vacuum fast pyrolysis reaction, generate the pyrolysis oil, carbon black, pyrolysis wire and combustible gas, combustible gas by separation of oil and gas recovery unit after enter into the hot blast stove burning, for the whole production...

  •  Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

    Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

    Product Detail: Pretreatment system (provided by the customer) After the waste plastics are dehydrated, dried, crushed, and other processes, they can obtain suitable size. Feeding system The pretreated waste plastics are transported to the transition bin. Continuous pyrolysis system The waste plastics are continuously fed into the pyrolysis reactor through the feeder for pyrolysis. Heating system The heating device fuel mainly uses non-condensable combustible gas produced by pyrolysis of was...

  • Domestic Waste Pyrolysis Plant

    Domestic Waste Pyrolysis Plant

    After sorting the main city living garbage, containing waste plastics by multi-layer drum dryer after drying, the feeder to the gasifier, the furnace after drying, cracking, chlorination, reduction of output, combustible gas purification by spray, gas-liquid separation, in addition to the water in the packed tower decoking, to steam boiler furnace burning gas, steam from the boiler for the steam turbine generator to generate electricity, the power can be used for the citizens.

  • oilsludge pyrolysis plant

    oilsludge pyrolysis plant

    Product Detail: Continuous split cracking furnace, also known as U-type cracking furnace, is designed for the oil sludge oil sand and sewage treatment plant sludge, the main furnace is divided into two parts: dry furnace, carbonization furnace. The material first enters the drying furnace, the preliminary drying, the water content evaporation, and then enters the carbonization furnace cracking, the oil content precipitation, and then the residue standard discharge, to achieve continuous production...

  • Carbon Black Grinding Equipment

    Carbon Black Grinding Equipment

    Product Detail: After magnetic separation and crushing, the raw carbon black generated by waste tire pyrolysis is sent to the transition bin.Mix the water with the adhesive in a proportionally proportioned mixing pot.The carbon black in the transition bin and the liquid in the batching tank are mixed evenly in a certain proportion and then into the granulator for wet granulation.After the completion of granulation of carbon black into the dryer for full drying after sieving.The oversized particles and fine powder are broken as unqualified particles through the particle crusher and then...

  • Distillation Equipment

    Distillation Equipment

    Product Detail: The waste oil regeneration molecular distillation equipment adopts the vacuum atomization flash rapid distillation technology, which is different from the traditional distillation relying on the boiling point difference separation principle, (for example, the traditional boiling point difference separation is about 600 °C, while the high vacuum molecular distillation technology is about 350 But) it relies on the difference in the mean free path of molecular motion of different...

  • Waste Tire Crushing Equipment

    Waste Tire Crushing Equipment

    The waste tire processing production line is a large-scale complete set of equipment that completely separates the three major raw materials contained in the tire: rubber, steel wire, and fiber at room temperature and realizes 100% recycling. The waste tire processing production line can recycle tires within the diameter range of 400-3000mm according to customer requirements, with strong applicability, the output size can be controlled within the range of 5-100mm, and the output can reach 2...

  • Waste Plastic Crushing Equipment

    Waste Plastic Crushing Equipment

    Product Detail: Plastic crusher through the motor to drive the knife knife plate at high speed, and in the process of high-speed rotation of the moving knife knife to form the trend of the relative movement of the knife with the knife gap is formed between the shear plastic crushing incision caused by the large pieces of plastic are broken, broken after the plastic on plastic particle size through the screen mesh filter output. Type LYBH-PS800 Remark Diameter of Rotating Blade 420mm S...

  • Hot Blast Heater

    Hot Blast Heater

    Product Detail: 1.The hot air furnace body and control of the whole set of equipment are all designed and made by ourselves, which can ensure the coordination between various components and reduce the failure caused by the uncoordination of each part. Even if there is a fault, it can be solved with the fastest speed. 2.The hot air furnace adopts the direct mixing type, which has the highest utilization rate of heat, can obtain a higher temperature, generate hot air fast, easy to maintain, can...

  • Burner


    Product Detail: As a electromechanical integration equipment with high degree of automation, the burner can be divided into five systems: air supply system, ignition system, monitoring system, fuel system and electronic control system. Air supply system The function of the air supply system is to feed air with certain wind speed and volume into the combustion chamber. Its main components are: shell, fan motor, fan impeller, air gun fire tube, damper controller, damper baffle, CAM regulating ...

  • Tyre Stacking Racks

    Tyre Stacking Racks

    Product Description: * One rack, two storing methods: interlaced for passenger car & SUV tyres and on tread for truck tyres. * Built strong: Stack up to 5 racks when loaded. Load capacity of 1100 kg. * Stack 5 racks when loaded, 22 when empty and folded. * Holds up to 50 interlaced or 28 tyres on tread. * Powder-coated, UV-resistant paint – Will never lose its lustre. Optimise and standardise your tyre warehouse or tyre distribution centre by using only one rack model for all your passeng...

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Qingdao Longyuan Baihong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has taken the responsibility of recycling waste resources and creating a green ecological environment. In the continuous technological breakthroughs, our company and Qingdao University of Science and Technology have jointly established a laboratory and jointly developed waste tire pyrolysis carbon black equipment realized the intelligentization of Industry 4.0, and the factory changed from a large number of manual operations to automated production. Our company mainly produces fully continuous waste tires, waste rubber, waste plastics, and sludge pyrolysis plant. At the same time, our company integrates front-end treatment, mid-end pyrolysis plant and back-end carbon black grinding and granulation. The production chain has achieved low energy consumption, full intelligence, and also achieved zero emissions, zero pollution, and zero residue. It has truly achieved the reuse of intelligent green environmental protection resources through pyrolysis of waste tires.

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